Hidden Tehran Tour


Hidden Tehran Tour

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Location: Iran, Tehran
Length: 4 Hours
Highlights: Shah Mosque, Tehran Bazaar, Golestan Palace
Transport: Subway, Walking
Itinerary: Walk Into Tehran Bazaar And Visit Shah Mosque. Then Walk To Golestan Palace And Visit This Beautiful Complex. Afterwards Visit Meidan Mashgh Square.
The Trip Includes: An English Speaking Guide, The Transport, The Entrance Fees

Shah Mosque : The Shah Mosque Also Known As The Soltāni Mosque Meaning “Royal”, Renamed The Imam Mosque, After The 1979 Iranian Revolution, Is A Principal Mosque In The Northern Section Of The Grand Bazaar In Tehran, Iran.
The Mosque Was Built To The Order Of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar Of Persia During The Qajar Period, As One Of Several Such Symbols Of Legitimacy For The New Dynasty.At The Time Of Completion, The Mosque Was Considered To Be The Most Significant Architectural Monument In Tehran.
During The Reign Of Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar, The Two Current Minarets Were Added To The Structure. The Mosque Is Topped By A Small Gilt Domethe Mosque Also Has Two Shabestan
The Courtyard Is Accessed From Several Parts Of The Grand Bazaar, The Commercial Heart Of The Capital.There Are Some Significant Architectural Similarities Between The Shah Mosque, The Vakil Mosque In Shiraz, And The Royal Mosque In Borujerd.

Tehran Bazaar : The Grand Bazaar Is An Old Historical Market In Tehran, The Capital Of Iran.
Located At The Arg Square In Southern Tehran, It Is Split Into Several Corridors Over 10 Kilometres (6.2 Mi) In Length, Each Specializing In Different Types Of Goods, And Has Several Entrances, With The Main Being The Entrance Of Sabze Meydan.
In Addition To Shops, The Grand Bazaar Of Tehran Contains Banks, Mosques And Guest Houses.
The Bazar Has Access To Tehran Metro Through Khayam Metro Station And Panzdah-E-Khordad Metro Station.
Golestan Palace : The Golestan Palace Is The Former Royal Qajar Complex In Iran’s Capital City, Tehran.
One Of The Oldest Historic Monuments In The City Of Tehran, And Of World Heritage Status, The Golestan Palace Belongs To A Group Of Royal Buildings That Were Once Enclosed Within The Mud-Thatched Walls Of Tehran’s Arg .It Consists Of Gardens, Royal Buildings, And Collections Of Iranian Crafts And European Presents From The 18th And 19th Centuries.


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